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Do You Have Low Testosterone?

The problem of low testosterone is common in many men. When people hear of low testosterone, the first thing that comes to their mine is erectile dysfunction. Aging men are more likely to end up with erectile dysfunction problems than young ones.

Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of men diagnosed with low testosterone. There are different reasons for the increase of the diagnosis. Among the reasons include availability of more precise test, less stigma and an increasingly aging population.

A reduction of testosterone levels in the body can be manifested through different symptoms. Examples of the symptoms include feeling week, loss of sex drive and depression.
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What You Should Know About Testosterone
There are many hormones in the body, including one known as testosterone. The characteristic features of males e.g. hair on the chest, are made possible by the hormone. Your sex drive is also affected by the hormone.
The Path To Finding Better Options

Testosterone is responsible for muscle buildup, breaking of the voice and increase in the sexual organ of men during their adolescence years. The muscles and bones are kept strong by testosterone during adulthood years. Apart from this, it maintains his interest in sex. Testosterone is one of the important hormones that define a man.

When mean reach their 30s, it is normal for them to experience a decrease in testosterone levels. The amount of hormone in the body starts to decline gradually. As a result, men may not have as much sex drive as was the case before. This makes some men to mistakenly think that their lack of sex drive is due to aging. According to medical experts, a gradual decline in testosterone levels should not lead to near-total lack of interest in sex. You are likely to have an underlying health issue if you suffer from erectile dysfunction in your 201 to early 40s.

Most symptoms associated with a decrease in testosterone are also experienced with other medical problems. Examples of the conditions include high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and depression. However studies have shown that all the conditions can result due to low testosterone.

Prior to offering any low testosterone treatment, the possibility of you suffering from the aforementioned conditions will be eliminated. Apart from this, a sample blood test will have to be done to determine your testosterone level.

Do You Have Too Low Testosterone?
If your testosterone level is about 300 ng/dL, then it is at the lowest amount. The upper limit of testosterone level is 800ng/dL. You can end up having a lower testosterone score in a blood test due to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, kidney disease or chronic liver, HIV/AID, infection and hormonal disorders.