What to Expect in an Early Learning Centre?

Both parents working being the main reason for leaving the child in an early learning centre, there are, in fact, other reasons as well. A few parents have passionate hobbies, sporting and other activities and they expect some personal time for themselves which means they require someone else to take of their children. Some parents utilize these facilities because they know well the advantages of their kids being able to socialize well with others, being well exposed to a range of essential learning resources and being prepared to go to regular school in the forthcoming years.

What do parents expect in early learning centres?

Parents certainly expect a lot from a chosen early learning facility. First, they expect their child to be taken care of with kindness and treated in a way that they would feel proud of. They shouldn’t have any issues about the attention their child receives at the facility in their absence. They should also be assured that the child is in a safer environment compared to any other place. For this, there should be proper supervision and equipment that fulfils the standards required for use by kids less than five years of age. In case of any unexpected injury to the child, parents expect their child to receive proper and immediate treatment as well as the love and care that should be provided when the little one has faced with an injury. Besides, parents expect the centre to inform them of any incidences of concern as well as positive interactions at the earliest.

The centre should comply with the regional and national standards and rules with respect to staffing levels, training of the supervisors and staff members, and the like. If the centre meets all the specifications, parents can feel assured that their child is in safe hands and will be taken care of in a much better way.

The early learning centres that you come across these days are quite different from those that were functioning a couple of decades ago. Today, there is a strong emphasis on preparing kids for school and beyond, opening them up to a range of learning opportunities and enhancing their ability to inquire into the environment around them. Parents should understand that early childhood care is merely not about babysitting the child. There is a lot more to it and parents should be well aware of all these before enrolling the child in an apt facility.

However, since there are many early centres in every city, choosing one may be tricky. But, with the help of the Internet, you can identify the best one.

School Facilities Determines Students Academic Performance

The development of any society is dependent on the general level of education attained by its population most especially the youths. It therefore means that the educational system must be flexible, functional and optional enough to have something to offer to all members of the society including the youths, adults, privileged and the less privileged. The desire to meet the educational needs in particular those members of the under privileged is now a major challenge to the educators over the past years.

Education brings about a change in the manner of conduct of an individual which makes him to present himself as a responsible, sagacious and dependable member of his society. Education is regarded as an activity which gees on in the society with its aims depending on the nature of the society in which it takes place. It is a process through which an individual is trained to become useful to himself and the society at large with the acquisition of the cultural values and norms of the society. It occurs at all stages of life and can occur anywhere, but for the purpose of this study, the focus shall be on the type of education acquired in the school academic environment otherwise known as formal education. A school is a place like home where learning activities takes place and it comprises of individual from different cultural background which live and interact together as a cohesive community with a major common objectives and purpose for learning. It is a place where a learner acquires specialized knowledge and skills needed for their survival and to promote their innate capabilities for learning.

The school prepares an individual for future adult roles, the purpose of the school is mainly to serve as a channel for acquiring knowledge and skills and to enhance the full all round development of an individual. It is therefore necessary for instructors and school administrators to ensure that the school academic environment does not deviate from its main purpose in the sense that instructors control and maintain the type of activities that occur in the school environment in terms of extracurricular activities.

The schools exist because of the students. The quality of the student’s performance depends on the quality of the school in terms of availability of required and adequate infrastructural facilities in such a school. Schools with well equipped facilities and well experienced personnel tend to produce brilliant students who show the ways for others students and lead them in various stages in Life. It could therefore be said that the performance of the students depends on the school facilities, which in returns determine their future lives. Parents and guardians should be encouraged to send their wards to schools with well-equipped facilities because it will result in better future for their children.

This fact has been proven to be true as the performance of some students from well equipped facilities schools differs from other students who are in school with less equipped facilities. Availability of required learning facilities in schools enhances student’s academic performance. When learning materials are provided, learning activities proceed at a very fast speed. In a situation where the learning environment is not conducive, academic activities proceed at a low rate which then result in poor academic performance of students in promotional and certificate examine. And such is the case of four students of Ifako International School, Ifako, Ifako-Ijaye, Lagos State Nigeria.

Two of the students performed excellently in the competition as Olatide Wright and Torsho Dennis of the senor secondary school came second and fifth respectively in the Gessomate art competition. Adefoluso Orimalade and Soremekun Ibrahim of the junior secondary school came third and forth respectively. This level of performance does revealed the states of Ifako international school as a school with well experienced teachers and adequate faculties suitable for teaching and learning purposes and ideal school for parents who wants the best education for their children. The students are the image of the school and the school cannot exist without the students, the students produced by each school give or show the real image of the school in the society. The school should help provide the required materials and regulates the activities of all extracurricular activities within the school environment so that effective learning activities can occur.

Academic excellence is the desired of every school owner. The quality of teaching and learning that takes place in any educational establishment determines the level of academic excellence. In other for effective teaching and learning process to occur within the school academic environment. There must be provision of required learning aids such as conducive school physical environment, well painted classroom, adequate chairs, moderate distance from an industrial area to prevent unwanted noise and well experienced teachers. Things don’t just happen; they are made to happen. All concerned bodies of education should ensure that all the aforementioned criteria are seriously considered so that the desired educational goals and objectives can be achieved and thus ensuring better future for our children.

IT Assistance for Schools and Learning Facilities

Schools and learning facilities have a huge responsibility to make sure everything they offer is up to standards. If they fall behind, they can get into trouble because it puts the students and their learning at risk. IT education solutions can help a learning facility to be able to stay on top of needs and changes.

Computers and technology are integrated in our society, and they continue to change all the time. IT education solutions helps to ensure schools and learning facilities have safe systems in place and fast processing. Finding a provider to help you with evaluating your current system, troubleshooting, finding solutions, and implementing changes is very important.

Teaching Efficiency

Teachers have a significant responsibility to make sure their students are learning the right materials. When they have the best tools and methods in place, they are more efficient. The learning is engaging, fun, and the students are able to take more away from every single lesson. IT education solutions can help teachers to learn new methods they can implement.

The solutions offered are designed to drive motivation and a passion for learning. This is going to create better outcomes with performance. As a result, the facility can earn terrific marks for what they are teaching, the testing scores of students, and graduation rates.


New learning methods can be very efficient for both teachers and students. Older methods can be outdated and not as efficient as they once were. Innovation allows us to move forward so students have skills they can build on in the real world. IT education solutions uses this as a driving force to evaluate concepts and to help encourage learning facilities to try them.

Such solutions are often based on careful research and data. They realise there is little time in a classroom that can be wasted. The wrong methods can prevent students from learning. It can cause them to avoid school and also make educators feel overwhelmed. Armed with the research, they can deliver a good case for why such methods should be implemented.

One of the areas that have grown significantly is online learning. Students can do some of their work online instead if in the classroom. For other programs, all of the work is done online. The students never step into a classroom. Yet they have the ability to learn all they need to complete their education goals.

Learning Outcomes

Educators have a responsibility to make sure students learn certain skills and information an educational setting. IT education solutions can help to create a checklist for each grade or college program. The information can be used to create a curriculum that meets or exceeds those learning outcome standards. Students deserve a well-rounded program to benefit from.

Expanding for the Future

With the right consulting and information, your school or learning facility can continue to move forward and expand for the future. They overall structure from the bottom layer to the very top will be strong and viable. At the same time, the options will be flexible so changes can be done when they are necessary without any problems or delays.

Behind the Scenes

Any school or learning facility has more to think about than just students and teachers. There is plenty that goes on behind the scenes with the administrators. This includes office personnel, budgets, evaluations, purchases, and more. IT education solutions also look at these areas to help ensure the entire business is offering as effectively as possible.

Coming Soon A Virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting

Have you ever wondered sitting in those meetings, if there was another way of doing those parent teacher meetings? Probably, do these meeting more discreetly or even virtually?

Improving technology is now available to greatly alter and improve the parent-teacher dynamic. While the thought of a virtual parent teacher meeting may have existed for long enough, technology is now fully evolved to bring this to reality. At the same time, educational institutions are becoming increasingly more savvy in employing technology to improve their services. Deploying phone systems is now a viable option being sought by various educational institutions.

Soon enough we will be inhabiting a world where in the ward’s progress reports are digitally delivered and everyday activities of be uploaded to an online dashboard for the parent’s viewing. Dial-in options using phone systems amongst others are several path breaking measures that we will be able to see in our own times as connectivity improves further; parents become more tech-savvy; and our lives become even more connected.

The government is doing its bit in improving the connectivity. The ball is now firmly in the court of the educational institutions to become more enterprising in the use of technology for their parent-teacher liaisons and overall educational benefits. They can employ a dial-in system to let parent’s access the ward’s attendance or progress reports. Conference calls or via two-way voice messaging platforms, mobile app etc., are all avenues that ought to be sufficiently explored to improve parent-teacher relationship.

The education sector is a critical component preparing a nation for its future growth. What we invest in today’s education will determine the magnitude of a nation’s growth in the years to come. The National Broadband Network is an ambitious and hugely beneficial initiative – the government just has to make sure that all students – irrespective of where they come from accrue equitable benefits such that their current situation is only improved, and not diminished by NBN.

There are great many options and whichever be the one that educators and parents decide upon, the underlying principles however ought to remain the same. Improvements in digital connectivity have to result in an expanded reach of education and educational facilities. And secondly it must bring into the educational-fold, a great many of those who are yet outside.

Technology is play a vital role in shaping our present, but by employing technology in education we definitely improve the tomorrow for our children.

To conclude, technology can play a great role in improving the parent-teacher dynamic. Digital delivery of progress reports, virtual parent-teacher meetings and digitization of the child’s schooling activity are examples of the improvements that technology can bring to the education experience Several path breaking measures